My Playlist of 2016! Number 7.5!

Hello my friends! Today will be full of excitement because I still need to post my fave songs of 2016! I had work last night, so I was not able to share my tie breaker for number 7 along with Black Pink. So with pleasure, let me share my next fave song of 2016. My 7.5 fave song comes from one of my favorite kpop groups. This group consists of seven members with their own unique and distinct style and the number of members are also in their group names. If you guessed Got7, then you are correct. Got7 is my next choice for artists who shined in 2016. They made their debut in 2014 with “Girls Girls Girls” and stole the hearts of many people including myself. Got7 is part of JYP Entertainment, which is considered one of the top 3 record labels in South Korea. JYP Entertainment is well known for their diverse group of idols. Got7 consists of 7 members and 3 of them are foreigners. The members are JB, Mark (he is from LA.. I want to meet him so bad lol), Jackson (he is from Hong Kong.. I want to meet him too haha), Youngjae, BamBam (he is from Thailand), and last but not least, Yugyeom! Last year, they released “Just Right” and topped several charts. They also broke records on YouTube. “Just Right” currently has 86 million views which is the 4th most watched JYP music video behind three songs from labelmate phenoms, Twice!! 86 million views is higher than most music videos out right now and you know you must be good if you can garner that many views. This year, Got7 made two comebacks, but my number 7.5 fave song of 2016 is “Hard Carry“. I love this song because it is somewhat unexpected from them. The song is from their follow up album, “Flight Log: Turbulence“. It kind of follows the story from their previous album in the beginning of this year (don’t worry y’all, that certain song is on my playlist too haha). “Hard Carry” is a hip-hop song with some pop and a flare of trap. The beat is sick and I love the amount of swag the boys have in the music video. I cannot function is I don’t listen to this song everyday. Seriously, it does not matter what day you are having, this song can lift up your spirits. From the cool rap to the cool vocal breakdown in the middle of the song, “Hard Carry” can put someone in a good mood. So everyone go checkout Got7 and their song “Hard Carry“! thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned today for more of my fave songs of 2016!!! 😉

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