My Playlist of 2016! Number 7!

Hello everyone!! It’s that time again! Today, I will be sharing my number 7 pot on my fave songs of 2016. I hope you all checked out my other fave songs, but let’s get down to business. The number 7 spot goes to two different artists. The first group that I will announce is the top rookie group, Black Pink! Yes, the four ladies of Black Pink have dominated 2016 since their debut this year with album, “Square One“. The members are Rose (Roh-zay), Jisoo, Jennie, and of course Lisa. These group of girls released their debut pop/ hip-hop singles “Boombayah” and “Whistle” early summer of this year. They have dominated the charts and are representing their label, YG Entertainment, very well. As some may compare them to fellow label mate superstars 2NE1, I believe that the have their own style and groove. The dance, fashion, and attitude is what makes me so addicted to their charms. Also, the smooth vocals from Jisoo and Rose along with the sick rap skills from Jennie and Lisa, is breathtaking. Alright, so everyone go checkout these four talented girls as I present to you “Whistle” from Black Pink! Stay tuned for my tie breaker fave song of 2016 later today! Thank you for visiting my page! 😉

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