New Music Monday!!

Hello everyone! It’s New Music Monday and I have prepared an awesome video for all of you to check out. This week’s featured artist is kpop girl group F(X)! The four beauties of F(X) have came back after a one year hiatus and the departure of 5th member, Sulli, has left the group, but that had no effect with their latest album “Four Walls”. This is F(X)’s fourth full studio album and it’s amazing!!! I love the beat and sound that they chose. This track is in the electro pop and tropical house genre. The song makes you think and want to know what the lyrics mean. In my opinion, I think the song is about how a relationship with someone can have its hardships and its bad points. In the music video, you can see F(X) going throughout the day and they seem to repeat their actions until the end of the song. It’s sort of like a cause and effect type of plot because that relationship feels like their stuck in four walls. I love how the song makes you think and F(X) never disappoints with their songs. Also, the girls outfits are so eye catching. So go check out this live performance and watch the MV of the four ladies from F(X) and tell me what you think!

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