New Music Monday!!

Hey everyone! It’s New Music Monday and I couldn’t be happier to show you this song. Today’s featured artist is Adele! Yes, she is back and better than ever. She just released her new single, “Hello” which has been dominating the charts and broke quite a few records. “Hello” has been out only for a week and it has over 200 million views! How amazing is that?! Adele has broke the record for having the most views on the first day of its release. The previous holder was Miley Cyrus when she released “Wrecking Ball” back in 2013. Within the first 20 seconds of the song, Adele already captivates the listener with her powerful and soulful voice. She has gave Taylor Swift a run for her money almost breaking her current record for having the most views in a week. Adele looks amazing and the music video scenery is great. The song is like a closure to the struggles that she has faced in the past couple of years. Alright, enough of my talking and go check out Adele’s “Hello”!!!

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