My BTS on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Experience

It has been almost a week since I saw BTS and I already miss them. I wasn’t able to get tickets for the Ellen show to see them, but I am grateful to have witness their gorgeous faces on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Usually a woman’s favorite day of her life is the wedding, but the BTS mini concert is simply the best day in my life (possibly will change if NCT 127 goes on tour *coughs SM). Also, my boys killed it at the AMA’s last night performing DNA. Lastly, can we appreciate that NamSon moment between BTS’ Namjoon and my Jackson from GOT7?! They are friendship goals and it is so amazing to see Jackson out at the AMA’s making it big too!

Anyways, I would love for you all to go check out my “thirst” vlog and witness my love for BTS. Warning… lower your volume before watching because you will be #jungshooked!

New Dance Cover Alert!!!

Hello friends!! It’s your girl Kadie here from MsKpopGurl and I am sharing my latest cover video! One of my fave groups, NCT 127 from NCT (love all the units btw), have returned with ‘CHERRY BOMB’. As you can hear, this song is LIT AF and of course I had to take on this challenge. Even though there are mistakes, I had so much fun recording this. The hot sun in my face was making me look fierce too. Thank you all for your love and support. Tell me what y’all think!

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My Dance Performance!!

What’s up my peeps? Yesterday, I performed at the semi-annual Dynamic Dance Club’s showcase as usual. The songs that I chose to dance to were some of previous performances that I had. Y’all should check it out and look forward to some more posts soon! Follow and find me on social media with the following usernames:

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Check out my channel and performance down below!! See you guys soon! 🙂


My Playlist of 2016! Number 7.5!

Hello my friends! Today will be full of excitement because I still need to post my fave songs of 2016! I had work last night, so I was not able to share my tie breaker for number 7 along with Black Pink. So with pleasure, let me share my next fave song of 2016. My 7.5 fave song comes from one of my favorite kpop groups. This group consists of seven members with their own unique and distinct style and the number of members are also in their group names. If you guessed Got7, then you are correct. Got7 is my next choice for artists who shined in 2016. They made their debut in 2014 with “Girls Girls Girls” and stole the hearts of many people including myself. Got7 is part of JYP Entertainment, which is considered one of the top 3 record labels in South Korea. JYP Entertainment is well known for their diverse group of idols. Got7 consists of 7 members and 3 of them are foreigners. The members are JB, Mark (he is from LA.. I want to meet him so bad lol), Jackson (he is from Hong Kong.. I want to meet him too haha), Youngjae, BamBam (he is from Thailand), and last but not least, Yugyeom! Last year, they released “Just Right” and topped several charts. They also broke records on YouTube. “Just Right” currently has 86 million views which is the 4th most watched JYP music video behind three songs from labelmate phenoms, Twice!! 86 million views is higher than most music videos out right now and you know you must be good if you can garner that many views. This year, Got7 made two comebacks, but my number 7.5 fave song of 2016 is “Hard Carry“. I love this song because it is somewhat unexpected from them. The song is from their follow up album, “Flight Log: Turbulence“. It kind of follows the story from their previous album in the beginning of this year (don’t worry y’all, that certain song is on my playlist too haha). “Hard Carry” is a hip-hop song with some pop and a flare of trap. The beat is sick and I love the amount of swag the boys have in the music video. I cannot function is I don’t listen to this song everyday. Seriously, it does not matter what day you are having, this song can lift up your spirits. From the cool rap to the cool vocal breakdown in the middle of the song, “Hard Carry” can put someone in a good mood. So everyone go checkout Got7 and their song “Hard Carry“! thank you for visiting my blog and stay tuned today for more of my fave songs of 2016!!! 😉

My Playlist of 2016! Number 7!

Hello everyone!! It’s that time again! Today, I will be sharing my number 7 pot on my fave songs of 2016. I hope you all checked out my other fave songs, but let’s get down to business. The number 7 spot goes to two different artists. The first group that I will announce is the top rookie group, Black Pink! Yes, the four ladies of Black Pink have dominated 2016 since their debut this year with album, “Square One“. The members are Rose (Roh-zay), Jisoo, Jennie, and of course Lisa. These group of girls released their debut pop/ hip-hop singles “Boombayah” and “Whistle” early summer of this year. They have dominated the charts and are representing their label, YG Entertainment, very well. As some may compare them to fellow label mate superstars 2NE1, I believe that the have their own style and groove. The dance, fashion, and attitude is what makes me so addicted to their charms. Also, the smooth vocals from Jisoo and Rose along with the sick rap skills from Jennie and Lisa, is breathtaking. Alright, so everyone go checkout these four talented girls as I present to you “Whistle” from Black Pink! Stay tuned for my tie breaker fave song of 2016 later today! Thank you for visiting my page! 😉

My Playlist of 2016! Number 8!

Hey everyone!! I hope you all checked out my posts of my fave playlist so far. Today, I am going share another song on my playlist which is number 8. The number 8 spot goes to no other than the new sensation, Dean!!! Dean is probably the highlight of 2016 to me. He is part of Joombas Records, which is located in Los Angeles. I first heard of him back in 2015 with a couple of his songs like “Pour Up” and collaborations with artist’s like Eric Bellinger. I only heard his voice, not knowing that he was very good looking. His voice is soft, yet powerful and it already made him attractive, but he is very handsome. Besides being good looking, Dean is very talented. He is also known as a songwriter and has wrote songs for kpop groups like Exo (who may appear on my playlist). He is an R&B singer and has become successful in South Korea. R&B is starting to enter the Korean culture along with hip-hop. His debut EP named “130 Mood” has a song that I think took me in to his charm. Can you all guess what song it is? Well, if you thought of “Bonnie and Clyde“, you are correct. That song is so different from other R&B songs that I have heard in a long long time. He starts off softly as if it was a ballad. Then, bammmm… the beat drops and the rest is history. “LIT” is the best way to describe “Bonnie and Clyde”. Okay, it’s time for you all to check out the song. The way he spells his name intrigues me as well. Like if anyone knows how to do the “E” in his name, please let me know. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog on my fave songs of 2016. I will have two different artist’s, so prepare yourself hahaha. Feel free to comment down below my friends. See you all tomorrow!! 😉

My Playlist of 2016! Number 9!

Hey everyone! It’s that time again.. my number 9 fave song of 2016! Yesterday, I posted my number 10 fave song. So don’t forget to check that at out as well. Alright, my number 9 spot goes to another SM Entertainment artist (it’s a group this time), NCT U!!! NCT U is a five member South Korean pop boy band which is a sub unit. The members are Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, Mark. NCT has had a few sub unit groups and will eventually grow to become a 40 member boy group (of course with sub units haha). NCT U debuted in April this year with their song, “The 7th Sense“. Before watching the music video, the use of red as the backdrop caught my attention right away. Boy, I was smart for clicking on it. The music, 90’s fashion, dance, and whatever I missed, is so artsy and awesome! Their smooth vocals and Mark’s “fire” rap was freaking cool! I was not expecting to hear a pop, trap, hip-hop song like that, especially from SM Entertainment. I listen to this song at least twice a day. Okay, enough of me talking. Go check out my number 9 fave song of 2016 “7th Sense” by NCT U. Stay tuned for tomorrow as I may have more than one song placing for my number 8 fave song of 2016! Who knows? It might be yours too. See you all tomorrow and “open your eyes” (lyrics in the song haha). 🙂


My Playlist of 2016! Number 10!

Hey everyone! It’s time to announce my fave songs of 2016. Everyday for the next day, I will be sharing a song from my playlist of 2016. To start things off, I am going to share spot 10. This spot goes to f(x) member, Luna! Luna is the lead vocalist of the South Korean electro pop powerhouse girl group who debuted in 2009 from SM Entertainment. Since then, the group has topped the charts and won many awards. This year, Luna has made her long awaited debut with “Free Somebody“. This song is on my playlist because I love how powerful her vocals are and the dance in the music video is LIT! The music is very catchy and it’s that type of song where you can’t help, but to dance to. So go checkout “Free Somebody” by Luna. Stay tuned for number 9 on my playlist tomorrow!!

My Playlist of 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I have a treat for you all! To celebrate my return, I will be sharing my 10 fave songs of 2016!! Yes, for ten days I will be sharing my playlist of 2016! I can’t wait to show you guys my playlist. Please feel free to comment or email me your fave artist’s and songs of 2016. Look in my “About” page for email. In the mean time, take a look at some possible artist’s. See you all tomorrow!! 😉

I’m Back!!!!

Hello everyone! it’s me, Kadie, and I am back to share my new video! I recently performed at my school! The dance club at my school hosted a showcase and of course I could not let this opportunity run away from me. I danced to a kpop medley. So if you all would like to check it out, I will share the link. Thank you for taking the time for reading my blog and showing your love and support. I have been so busy with school, but finals are over!! I promise to become more active and interact with all of my followers or what I like to call you all, my friends. So, until next time, this has been Kadie!!